Study on springback in micro V-bending with consideration of grain heterogeneity



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Fang, Z., Jiang, Z., Wei, D. & Liu, X. (2015). Study on springback in micro V-bending with consideration of grain heterogeneity. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 78 (5-8), 1075-1085.


With the new development of microforming technology, the demand on the accuracy of the metallic microcomponents is elevating. Springback phenomenon is inevitable during sheet metal forming process and can cause unpredicted dimensional error. The previous research found that the springback value in microforming is difficult to be assessed as the sizes of tools and specimens downsize hundreds even thousands times. This paper focuses on improving the prediction accuracy of springback during micro V-bending. A finite element (FE) model of the micro V-bending has been established via ABAQUS/Standard commercial software where the specimen's microstructure is represented by Voronoi tessellations. With the consideration of the grain heterogeneity, each Voronoi tessellation has been employed with different grain mechanical properties based on experimental results. Corresponding micro V-bending tests have been carried out, and a good agreement between the experimental and simulation results indicates that the developed FE model can accurately predict springback in micro V-bending.

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