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K. M. Muttaqi , A. D. T. Le, M. Negnevitsky & G. Ledwich, "A novel tuning method for advanced line drop compensator and its application to response coordination of distributed generation with voltage regulating devices," in Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting, 2014 IEEE, 2014, pp. 1-8.


Nowadays, integration of small-scale electricity generators, known as Distributed Generation (DG), into distribution networks has become increasingly popular. This tendency together with the falling price of DG units has a great potential in giving the DG a better chance to participate in voltage regulation process, in parallel with other regulating devices already available in the distribution systems. The voltage control issue turns out to be a very challenging problem for distribution engineers, since existing control coordination schemes need to be reconsidered to take into account the DG operation. In this paper, a control coordination approach is proposed, which is able to utilize the ability of the DG as a voltage regulator, and at the same time minimize the interaction of DG with another DG or other active devices, such as On-load Tap Changing Transformer (OLTC). The proposed technique has been developed based on the concepts of protection principles (magnitude grading and time grading) for response coordination of DG and other regulating devices and uses Advanced Line Drop Compensators (ALDCs) for implementation. A distribution feeder with tap changing transformer and DG units has been extracted from a practical system to test the proposed control technique. The results show that the proposed method provides an effective solution for coordination of DG with another DG or voltage regulating devices and the integration of protection principles has considerably reduced the control interaction to achieve the desired voltage correction.

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ARC/ LP0560917