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Kan, M. E. & Taiebat, H. (2014). On implementation of bounding surface plasticity models with no overshooting effect in solving boundary value problems. Computers and Geotechnics, 55 103-116.


This paper presents a new scheme that can be used to overcome the overshooting effect, one of the well known problems occurs during application of bounding surface plasticity models in numerical analysis of boundary value problems. The scheme is based on definition of clouds of loading surfaces with a specific margin of strains within which unloading does not accompanied kinematic hardening. The basic concept of the scheme is introduced and the methodology and the relevant step by step algorithm to implement this scheme are presented. This scheme has been incorporated in the UNSW bounding surface model and implemented in a finite difference code and used to simulate cyclic triaxial tests as well as complicated monotonic and dynamic boundary value problems. The satisfactory performance of the scheme is demonstrated and its efficiency is discussed thorough these simulations.



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