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Kan, M. E., Taiebat, H. A. & Khalili, N. (2014). Simplified mapping rule for bounding surface simulation of complex loading paths in granular materials. International Journal of Geomechanics, 14 (2), 239-253.


This paper presents a bounding surface plasticity model that can be used to simulate complex monotonic and cyclic loading paths.A new mapping rule that only uses the last stress reversal point is introduced to describe the stress-strain behavior of granular soils during loading and unloading. This mapping rule is easy to implement and is suitable for highly erratic cyclic loading conditions, e.g., those induced by earth-quake or traffic loading. The application and performance of the model are demonstrated using the results of experimental tests with various stress paths conducted under both monotonic and cyclic loading conditions. The study shows the efficiency of the new mapping rule in cap- turing the characteristic features of the behavior of granular soils under various loading paths.