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Lee, J. & Sakthivel, R. (2014). Exact travelling wave solutions of a variety of Boussinesq-like equations. Chinese Journal of Physics, 52 (3), 939-957.


In this paper, we obtain exact traveling wave solutions of a variety of Boussinesq-like equations by using two distinct methods with symbolic computation. The Boussinesq equations play an important role in physical applications, such as in nonlinear lattice waves, acoustic waves, iron sound waves in a plasma, and vibrations in a nonlinear string. More precisely, the modified tanh-coth method is employed to obtain single soliton solutions, and the extended Jacobi elliptic function method is applied to derive doubly periodic wave solutions. Further, it is shown that soliton solutions and triangular solutions can be established as the limits of the Jacobi doubly periodic wave solutions. The employed approaches are quite efficient for the determination of the solutions, and are practically well suited for solving nonlinear evolution equations arising in physics.



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