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H. Sato, K. Manabe, D. Wei, Z. Jiang & D. Kondo, "Potential of fluid pressure use for achieving high formability in micro sheet forming process," in International Conference of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering (ICCMSE), 2014, p. 327.


This study decsribesa potential offluid pressure in micro hydromechanical deep drawingto achieve high formability. The FE simulation is carried out using the stainless steel foil with 50μm thickness. The friction holding effect can be obtained by applying the fluid pressure and it becomes high at high D p/t in MHDD. By applying the counter and radial pressure in MHDD, the desired lubrication condition can be obtained and the friction force can be reduced. By the friction holding effect and lubrication effect in MHDD, the micro cups can be successful fabricated in MHDD. Consequently, it is clarify that the fluid pressure has a potential to achieve the high formability because it makes the friction holding, radial pressure and lubrication effects in MHDD.



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