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S. Lauf & E. Rodriguez, "IPMP Components," in The MPEG-21 Book, I. Burnett, R. Koenen, F. Pereira & R. Van de Walle, Ed. England: John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2006, pp.117-138.


The IPMP Components part of MPEG-21 is a response to a demand from the content industry for a part of the MPEG-21 framework that can deliver a Digital Item (DI) securely but which does not bring yet another DRM to an already crowded marketplace. Thus, after much discussion during the requirements setting stage of the standardization, the IPMP (Intellectual Property Management and Protection) Components standard provides a mechanism for Users to protect a DI and its declaration using a specified scheme [1]. This allows DIs to be used in conjunction with many DRM schemes and also to offer a degree of interoperability between such schemes by acting as 'rich' containers, which can describe content and its availability in one of several DRM formats.

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