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Porter, A. (2014). Mathematics in a connected world. In A. Rogerson (Eds.), 12th International Conference: The Future of Mathematics Education in a Connected World (pp. 1-6). Hong Kong: The Mathematics Education Project for the Future Projnect.


The issues confronting mathematics teachers remain as they have been for many years. How do you engage students who do not want to learn mathematics? How do you teach to students with varying abilities? How do you convey the relevance of mathematics? How do you engage students from different socioeconomic and ethnic groups? The questions all present as challenges. In a connected world there are many more options for addressing such challenges. The ease of creating and/or accessing learning resources in a connected world has enabled possibilities such as MOOCs, flipped classrooms, online learning, learning support programs and headstart programs. With such opportunities other issues arise, such as how to develop appropriate learning designs that minimize cognitive load and optimize learning, how to provide feedback and how to provide for deep and meaningful learning.