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Adams, N. & Porter, A. (2014). Evolving formative assessment for and with ubiquitous technologies. In A. Rogerson (Eds.), 12th International Conference: The Future of Mathematics Education in a Connected World (pp. 1-7). Poland: The Mathematics Education for the Future Project.


Formative assessment is a vital part of the learning process. It guides student learning and prepares them for summative assessment. The feedback that accompanies formative assessment is valuable for students' learning. The combination of formative assessment and feedback facilitate the development of self-efficacy. Technology is not only changing the way students study and learn but also how assessment is conducted and managed. Globalisation and corporatisation of universities has changed the way academics work and has had an effect on teaching, assessment and feedback. This paper looks at how formative assessment in an enabling mathematics course has been developed to take advantage of changing technologies in a changing academic world.