Analysis of rolls deflection of Sendzimir mill by 3D FEM



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Yu, H., Liu, X. & Lee, G. (2007). Analysis of rolls deflection of Sendzimir mill by 3D FEM. Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China, 17 (3), 600-605.


The deflection of rolls of Sendziinir mill with double AS-U-Roll was simulated by finite element niethod(FEM). The intlucticcs of rolling pressure, strip width and rolls-assignment on rolls deflection were analyzed. The results show that thc work roll dctlectioii increases with the increase of rolling pressure and the reduction ofwork roll radius, but the rigid displacemcnt of work roll slightly changes; the work roll end might appear negative displacement for the narrow strip width and high rolling prcssure that might ':;Lux the contact of work rolls. The research results are significant for guiding production and theoretical analysis of the rolls system of Scndzimir mill.

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