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Du Toit, M. & Steyn, H. G. (2012). Comparing the formability of AISI 304 and AISI 202 stainless steel. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 21 (7), 1491-1495.


The formability of AISI 202 austenitic stainless steel was compared with that of type AISI 304 stainless steel. Type 202 is a low-nickel austenitic stainless steel alloyed with manganese and nitrogen. In this study, the formability of the two grades was examined using Erichsen cupping tests and room temperature uniaxial tensile tests performed at various angles to the rolling direction. AISI 202 appears to work-harden at a slightly higher rate than AISI 304, even though the austenite in type 202 is more stable than that in 304 with respect to the formation of deformation-induced a¢ martensite. Although both grades are predicted to be susceptible to earing during deep drawing, AISI 202 displays a higher work-hardening exponent, higher average normal anisotropy, and a higher limiting drawing ratio than AISI 304. Similar cup heights were measured during Erichsen cupping tests, confirming that the two grades have very similar deep drawing properties. The results of this investigation therefore suggest that AISI 202 is a suitable alternative for AISI 304 in applications requiring good deep drawing properties.



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