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Longbottom, R., Jayasekara, A. & Monaghan, B. (2014). The Kinetics of the Reactivity of a Coke Analogue with Carbon Dioxide. The 5th Australia-China-Japan Joint Symposium on Iron and Steelmaking


In this study the suitability of a laboratory analogue for coke for studying the reactivity of coke was evaluated. Coke reactivity and strength are closely related, as such, an improved understanding of the kinetics of blast furnace coke reactions can be used to enhance blast furnace performance. However, coke is a complex composite material, with an inherent heterogeneity with respect to oxide phase composition and phase dispersion. The complexity and heterogeneity of coke makes it difficult to isolate the effects of a specific component on coke reactivity. The coke analogue has been developed to address these issues and was used for controlled testing of specific mineral, and to some degree maceral, effects on reactivity. The reaction of coke analogue with CO2 was studied using thermogravimetric analysis to measure the kinetics at temperatures from 850 to 1350°C. The reaction rate behaviour of the analogue is similar to that reported for industrial coke. The gasification rate increased with increasing temperature and three reaction zones corresponding to different kinetic control regimes, as found in industrial coke, have been identified. These findings show that the coke analogue demonstrates similar reaction kinetics to industrial coke indicating its suitability for use in coke kinetic studies.