Friction and wear behaviors of B4C/6061Al composite



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Dou, Y., Liu, Y., Liu, Y., Xiong, Z. & Xia, Q. (2014). Friction and wear behaviors of B4C/6061Al composite. Materials and Design, 60 669-677.


The friction and wear behaviors of B4C/6061Al composite were studied by considering the effect of sliding time, applied load, sliding velocity and heat treatment. The results show that, when the sliding time, applied load and sliding velocity reach critical values (namely 120 min, 30 N and 240 r min-1, respectively), the mass loss and friction coefficient (COF) increase significantly. Severe delamination wear is the main wear mechanism after sliding for 120 min and under an applied load of 30 N. While fretting wear happens at a sliding velocity of 240 r min-1. After solution-treated at 550 °C for 1 h and then aged at 180 °C for 15 h, the composite shows the highest wear resistance owing to the precipitation of β″ (Mg2Si) phases in the matrix and the strong interface bonding between B4C particles and the matrix alloy.

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