Steering knuckle diameter measurement based on optical 3D scanning



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L. Song, D. Li, Y. Chang, J. Xi & Q. Guo, "Steering knuckle diameter measurement based on optical 3D scanning," Optoelectronics Letters, vol. 10, (6) pp. 473-476, 2014.


To achieve accurate measurements, the creating a fitting hole for internal diameter (CFHID) measurement method and the establishing multi-sectional curve for external diameter (EMCED) measurement method are proposed in this paper, which are based on computer vision principle and three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction. The methods are able to highlight the 3D characteristics of the scanned object and to achieve the accurate measurement of 3D data. It can create favorable conditions for realizing the reverse design and 3D reconstruction of scanned object. These methods can also be applied to dangerous work environment or the occasion that traditional contact measurement can not meet the demands, and they can improve the security in measurement

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