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L. Lu, J. Xi, Y. Yu & Q. Guo, "New approach to improve the performance of fringe pattern profilometry using multiple triangular patterns for the measurement of objects in motion," Optical Engineering, vol. 53, (11) pp. 112211-1 - 112211-10, 2014.


Fringe pattern profilometry using triangular patterns and intensity ratios is a robust and computationally efficient method in three-dimensional shape measurement technique. However, similar to other multiple-shot techniques, the object must be kept static during the process of measurement, which is a challenging requirement for the case of fast-moving objects. Errors will be introduced if the traditional multiple-shot techniques are used directly in the measurement of a moving object. A new method is proposed to address this issue. First, the movement of the object is measured in real time and described by the rotation matrix and translation vector. Then, the expressions are derived for the fringe patterns under the influence of the two-dimensional movement of the object, based on which the normalized fringe patterns from the object without movement are estimated. Finally, the object is reconstructed using the existing intensity ratio algorithm incorporating the fringe patterns estimated, leading to improved measurement accuracy. The performance of the proposed method is verified by experiments.



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