Switched control of vehicle suspension based on motion-mode detection



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H. Du, N. Zhang & L. Wang, "Switched control of vehicle suspension based on motion-mode detection," Vehicle System Dynamics: international journal of vehicle mechanics and mobility, vol. 52, (1) pp. 142-165, 2014.


This paper presents a study on switched control of vehicle suspension based on motion-mode detection. This control strategy can be potentially implemented via the interconnected suspension such as hydraulically interconnected suspension by actively switching its interconnection configuration in terms of the dominant vehicle body motion-mode. The design of the switched control law is developed focusing on three vehicle body motion-modes: bounce, pitch, and roll. At first, an H∞ optimal controller will be designed for each motion-mode with the use of a common quadratic Lyapunov function, which guarantees the stability of the switched system under arbitrary switching functions. Then, a motion-mode detection method based on the calculation of the motion-mode energy is introduced. And then, the possible implementation of the control system in practice is discussed. Finally, numerical simulations are used to validate the proposed study.

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