International industry practice on power-quality monitoring



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J. V. Milanovic, J. Meyer, R. F. Ball, W. Howe, R. Preece, M. H J. Bollen, S. Elphick & N. Cukalevski, "International industry practice on power-quality monitoring," IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, vol. 29, (2) pp. 934-941, 2014.


Monitoring of voltages and currents at system buses gives the network operators information about the performance of their network, both for the system as a whole and for individual locations and customers. There is also demand from the customers and the regulatory agencies to provide information on the actual power-quality (PQ) level. Developments in enabling technology have made it possible to monitor at a large scale and to record virtually any PQ parameter of interest. While many network operators are installing monitoring equipment and while more and more monitors are available, there is a lack of knowledge and agreement on a number of aspects of the monitoring process and on processing the recorded data. As a response to this lack of uniformity in approach, data acquisition, and processing, in February 2011, CIGRE and CIRED established the Joint Working Group C4.112: "Guidelines for Power quality monitoring-measurement locations, processing and presentation of data." In order to identify the current international industry practice on PQ monitoring, the group carried out a survey in 43 countries across the world. This paper summarizes the key findings from 114 responses to the questionnaire and identifies prevalent industrial practice in PQ monitoring around the world.

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