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Konstantinou, G. S., Pulikanti, S. R. & Agelidis, V. G. (2010). Harmonic elimination control of a five-level DC-AC cascaded H-bridge hybrid inverter. 2nd International Symposium on Power Electronics for Distributed Generation Systems, PEDG 2010 (pp. 352-357). IEEE.


A five-level hybrid cascaded inverter operating under selective harmonic elimination (SHE) pulse-width modulation (PWM) control is discussed in this paper. The topology is a cascaded connection of a conventional three-phase, two-level inverter and an H-bridge module for each phase with a single DC-source. The topology boosts the output voltage within limits and with no additional DC-DC converters. However, such boosting feature depends on the control of the floating capacitor voltage and the load power factor. The regulation of the floating capacitor for the given modulation strategy is also analyzed. Experimental results taken from a single-phase laboratory prototype are presented to confirm the operational characteristics of the converter.



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