Study on oxidation behavior of stainless steels in short time



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Cheng, X., Jiang, Z., Luo, G., Wei, D. and Hao, L. (2014). Study on oxidation behavior of stainless steels in short time. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 633-634 209-214.


The various chemical compositions of stainless steels can result in complication of the formation of oxide scales in hot rolling process. The time for formation of tertiary oxide scale during finishing rolling is short. In the present study, the oxidation tests with short time period were carried out on eight stainless steel grades by Gleeble 3500 thermal mechanical simulator in a simulated water mist environment. Multi-layers of oxide scale have been developed on all the steel grades during short time oxidation. Internal and intergranular oxides were formed in the steel matrix underneath the inner spinel oxide layer. The cross section of the oxide scales were examined and measured by SEM to understand the oxide scale cross section morphology and thickness.

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