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Xiaofeng Chen, X., Susilo, W., Li, J., Wong, D., Ma, J., Tang, S. and Tang, Q. (2015). Efficient algorithms for secure outsourcing of bilinear pairings. Theoretical Computer Science, 562 (January), 112-121.


The computation of bilinear pairings has been considered the most expensive operation in pairing-based cryptographic protocols. In this paper, we first propose an efficient and secure outsourcing algorithm for bilinear pairings in the two untrusted program model. Compared with the state-of-the-art algorithm, a distinguishing property of our proposed algorithm is that the (resource-constrained) outsourcer is not required to perform any expensive operations, such as point multiplications or exponentiations. Furthermore, we utilize this algorithm as a subroutine to achieve outsource-secure identity-based encryptions and signatures.

Grant Number

ARC/DP130101383, ARC/FT0991397