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Li, H., Pask, D. & Sims, A. (2014). An elementary approach to C*-algebras associated to topological graphs. The New York Journal of Mathematics, 20 447-469.


We develop notions of a representation of a toopological grapph E and of a covariant representation of a topological graph E which do onot require the machinery of C* -correspondences and Cuntz-Pimsner alegebars. We show that the C* -algebra generated by a universal representation of E is isomorphic to the Toeplitz algebra of Katsura's topological-graph bimodule, and that the C* palgebra generated by a universal covariant representation of E is isomorphic to Katsura's topological graph C* -algebra. We exhibit our resluts by constructing the isomorphism between the C* -algebra of the row-finite directed graph E with no sources and the C* -algebra of the topological graph arising from the shift map acting on the infinite-path space E (figure 8).

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