Trustworthy stigmergic service composition and adaptation in decentralized environments



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Moustafa, A., Zhang, M. & Bai, Q. (2016). Trustworthy stigmergic service composition and adaptation in decentralized environments. IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 9 (2), 317-329.


THE emerging area of Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) has drawn a great deal of attention in recent years, prompting researchers to devise a variety of technologies to facilitate loosely coupled and flexible SOC architectures. Web services are autonomous application modules that can be described, published and located in SOC environments. To build a complex application, one may have to link a set of service providers across their heterogeneous environments [29]. Service composition fulfills users' requirements by combining services in different repositories. The users' requirements can be functional or nonfunctional. The functional requirements are in relation to the overall outcome concerning the functionalities of the business process, while the non-functional requirements pertain to the quality of the composition as a whole, e.g., availability, reliability, cost and response time. As the number of web services, providing similar functionalities, grows large, the problem of selecting web services with the best guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) becomes critical.

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