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Black, D. J. & Aziz, N. I. (2008). Hydraulic fracturing in underground coal mines. 1st ASIA Pacific Coalbed Methane Symposium (pp. 1-11).


The success of hydraulic fracturing application in stimulating gas drainage from coal seams is influenced by the ground stress conditions and the effective installation of straddled packers. A total of five holes were drilled in the Bulli Seam in a mine (Mine A) and tested for increased gas stimulation by hydraulic fracturing. Parameters examined included casing material integrity for cutability and ability to resist the external collapse during grouting and hydraulic fracturing. Changes made to the injecti on pressure, casing wall thickness, slot orientation (circumferential instead of axial) and controlled pressure release rate post-treatment improved the hydraulic fracturing treatment. However, the water management challenges of the test site remained inconclusive because of the location of trial site in the coal seam deposit.

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ASIA Pacific Coalbed Methane Symposium