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Xu, J., Gong, D., Jiang, Z., Liu, X. & Wang, G. (2012). Mechanics of design and model development of CVC-plus roll curve. Advanced Materials Research, 418-420 1158-1166.


The mathematic model of CVC-Plus work roll curve is built. The ratio of the initial shifting value to the target crown is determined, and the mathematical model considering the relationship between the coefficients A2, A3, A4, A5 and is established. According to the theoretical analysis, the distance between the maximum or minimum point of the high order equivalent crown for work roll with CVC-plus roll curve and the rolling central point is the times of the roll barrel length. In general, the initial shifting value of the CVC-plus roll curve is not equal to the initial shifting value of the 3-order CVC roll curve . The coefficient A1 can also be obtained by optimizing the target function with minimizing the axial force.