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Springer, A. & Turpin, E. (2014). 125,660 specimens of natural history: Re-imagining the practice of collection through Alfred R. Wallace's Malay expedition. Collecting Geographies Symposium (pp. 1-3). Amsterdam, Netherlands: Stedelijk Museum.


In the era of the Anthropocene, the assumed division between nature and culture is radically destabilized. By taking a nineteenth century colonial collection of natu r:al history as a point of departure, the international touring eXhibition 125,660 Specimens of Natural History: Re-imagining the Practice of Collection Through Alfred R. Wallace's Malay Expedition (to premier at Komunitas Salihara, Jakarta, 2015) develops transcuttural artistic and curatorial methodologies as means to rethink tradttional views on collecting geographies, and museological genres in light of contemporary political and environmental issues. In our presentation to the Collecting Geographies conference at the Stedelijk Museum, we will discuss the conceptual framework of the project, including our research on other scientists worl