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Dawson, L. (2013). Cognitive processes in object-oriented requirements engineering practice: analogical reasoning and mental modelling. In R. Pooley, J. Coady, H. Linger, C. Barry, M. Lang & C. Schneider (Eds.), Information Systems Development: Reflections, Challenges and New Directions (pp. 115-128). United States: Springer.


This chapter presents a background in cognitive processes such as problem-solving and analogical reasoning for considering modelling from an object-oriented perspective within the domain of requirements engineering. This chapter then describes a research project and the findings from a set of four cases which examine professional practice from perspective of cognitive modelling for object-oriented requirements engineering. In these studies, it was found that the analysts routinely built models in their minds and refined them before committing them to paper or communicating these models to others. The studies also showed that object-oriented analysts depend on analogical reasoning where they use past experience and abstraction to address problems in requirements specification.



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