Shape memory in ferrous alloys



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Dunne, D. (2012). Shape memory in ferrous alloys. In E. Pereloma & D. V. Edmonds (Eds.), Phase transformations in steels: diffusionless transformations, high strength steels, modelling and advanced analytical techniques (pp. 83-125). Cambridge, United Kingdom: Woodhead Publishing Limited.


Iron-based shape memory alloys have been studied intensively over the last few decades by several research groups, notably those led by Maki (Kyoto University), Hsu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Sato (Tokyo Institute of Technology) and Kajiwara (NIMS, Tsukuba). These researchers have published authoritative reviews of this topic and the present contribution draws on these and other significant publications to analyse fundamental factors that are important in producing shape memory. Although steels have generally not matched the performance of non-ferrous alloys, design strategies are proposed in this review that could lead to improved ferrous shape memory alloys.

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