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Ashamalla, A., Beydoun, G., Low, G. & Yan, J. (2012). Towards modelling real time constraints. ICSOFT 2012: 7th International Conference on Software Paradigm Trends (pp. 158-164). SciTePress Digital Library.


Software agents are highly autonomous, situated and interactive software components. They autonomously sense their environment and respond accordingly. Agents behaviours are often constrained by by real time constraints such as the time in which the agent is expected to respond .i.e. time needed for a task to complete. Failing to meet such a constraint can result in a task being not achieved. This possibly causes an agent or a system to fail, depending on how critical the task is to the agent or system as a whole. Our research aims at identifying and modelling real time constraints in the early phase of analysis which helps in creating a more reliable and robust system.