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Lei, T., Tu, C., Lu, F., Deng, Y. & Li, E. (2009). Numerical study on self-similar pulses in mode-locking fiber laser by coupled Ginzburg-Landau equation model. Optics Express, 17 (2), 585-591.


A theoretical model is established to study the self-similar pulses in nonlinear polarization evolution (NPE) mode-locked fiber lasers. The propagation of pulse in single mode fibers and gain fibers are described by coupled Ginzburg- Landau equation (GLE). Two wave plates and a polarizer are considered to realize the NPE mechanism in simulation. This model describes the laser completely and provides some useful pulses' information. In our simulation the laser generates high quality self-similar pulses output. The region of steady self-similar pulses operation is found. The polarization states of different parts across the pulse are simulated along the laser cavity. It is found that polarization states across the pulse are modulated from elliptical to almost circular before the pulse passing through the polarizer.



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