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A. Haidar, "Feasibility study of microgrid application in Langkawi and Socotra Islands," in 7th International Conference on Information Technology and Applications ( ICITA 2011), 2011, pp. 1-5.


Alternative Energy is becoming a popular and an essential energy resource in the current century. This paper investigates the effect of using a hybrid microgrid system in Langkawi and Socotra Islands. Configuration of the optimal hybrid system is selected based on the best components and its sizing with appropriate operation strategy to provide a cheap efficient, reliable and cost effective system. The total net present cost for the two Islands has been determined using HOMER program based on the Island’s data. This finding will help to install sources of renewable energy in places that will ensure low cost and performance of hybrid systems. The comparison of the annual yield for renewable energy with the cost of production considering pollution is an important factor that can be used to develop an environmentally safer and cleaner renewable energy source