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Mutlu, R., Alici, G., Xiang, X. & Li, W. (2014). An active-compliant micro-stage based on EAP artificial muscles. IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (AIM) (pp. 611-616). IEEE.


Electroactive Polymer actuators (EAPs), also known as EAP artificial muscles, offer a great potential for soft robotics. They are suitable for bio-inspired robotic applications due to their built-in actuation property within the mechanical body. In this paper, we report on a fully compliant micro-stage with built-in actuation. It has been fabricated as one piece inspired from twining structures in nature. We have employed a soft robotic modeling approach and finite element modeling to predict the mechanical output of the stage as a function of the input voltage. Experiments were conducted under a range of electrical inputs (0.25-1.00 V). For a given electrical stimulus, the compliant mechanism results in a linear motion in the middle of the active compliant mechanism, as expected. Experiments and simulation results are in good correlation. The active compliant mechanism can be used as a micro stage as well as an optical zoom mechanism for mobile phone cameras and similar devices.



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