Performance analysis of superposition coded modulation



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J. Tong & L. Ping, "Performance analysis of superposition coded modulation," Physical Communication, vol. 3, (3) pp. 147-155, 2010.


This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of superposition coded modulation (SCM). Two types of SCM schemes, i.e., the single-code SCM (SC-SCM) and multi-code SCM (MC-SCM), are analyzed. The basic features of SCM are described, followed by the information-theoretic analysis. Different encoding/decoding strategies are compared from the capacity point of view. A semi-analytical evolution technique is proposed to track the convergence behavior of iterative decoding. Analytical error-rate analysis is then conducted to predict the asymptotic performance. Numerous examples demonstrate that the analysis tools discussed in this paper can provide reasonably accurate performance prediction for SCM schemes.

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