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Michael, K. (2013). TrackingPoint bolt-action rifles are game-changers, not a game. The Conversation, (01 February),


If you were born before 1985 there's a good chance you watched Looney Tunes on a Saturday morning and followed the exploits of Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. Poor old Daffy, at times disguised as a rabbit, just couldn't outwit Bugs during rabbit season; and Fudd was one of those hunters you felt sorry for - a thousand shots fired, some on target, but never able to finish off his rival. A modern-day remake of a Fudd cartoon might feature a "precision-guided firearm," such as those in the recently released TrackingPoint XactSystem series, making Looney Tunes look like something out of ancient history. The cartoon might also be a little boring, with a short and predictable ending: shoot to kill the rabbit, and that's it - dead. No great chase necessary, no teasing the target animal out. The first time Daffy came into Fudd's field of view he'd be annihilated with pin-point accuracy.