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S. Iranmanesh, R. Raad & K. Chin, "A novel destination-based routing protocol (DBRP) in DTNs," in Communications and Information Technologies (ISCIT),, 2012, pp. 325-330.


In Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs), the aim of any forwarding/routing protocols is to achieve a high delivery ratio of packets/bundles at the lowest possible bandwidth cost, buffer space and energy. Therefore, finding a protocol which uses less resource to achieve high delivery ratio and low latency is an open research question. This paper proposes a quota-based protocol which confines the number of replicas and forwards them based on the meeting history of nodes. The unique aspect of our protocol is to weight any encounter with the final destination to be much higher than any other node encounter. This aspect of the protocol is based on the idea that regardless of how small an encounter rate with the destination, given a highly correlated movement model (i.e., human behaviour) we will end up with a high delivery ratio. The results of our simulation support this hypothesis.



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