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Y. Tan, L. Meegahapola & K. M. Muttaqi, "A review of technical challenges in planning and operation of remote area power supply systems," Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, vol. 38, pp. 876-889, 2014.


Remote area power supply (RAPS) systems are being used for many years to supply power to rural or remote communities where the utility grid is not accessible. In order to avoid the high operating cost and environmental impact caused by conventional generators, renewable energy resources are currently being utilised in RAPS systems. However, the intermittency of such renewable energy resources greatly impacts on planning and operation of RAPS systems. This paper aims to present a comprehensive review with regard to the RAPS system planning and operation techniques published in the literature. This paper summarises different modelling approaches associated with the RAPS system architectures, pre-feasibility studies for energy potential analysis, component modelling, unit size optimisation approaches, and system control aspects. In addition, technical challenges associated with RAPS systems, such as system sizing, voltage and frequency control and coordination of different system components are also highlighted in the paper. Moreover, further research avenues with regard to various different aspects of RAPS systems are also delineated in the paper.



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