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Pratt, J., Pandian, V., Morrison, E. & Miller, A. Andrew. (2014). Developing a tool for crowd-sourced verification of a radiation oncology ontology: a summer project. Journal of Radiation Oncology Informatics, 6 (1), 42-52.


We have been unable to nd a verifi ed, published Radiation Oncology Ontology. We undertook the process of verifying a Radiation Oncology Ontology with a mixture of crowd-sourcing and expert-based approaches to verify relationships in the ontology. We used a natural language based approach to portray concepts and relationships, surveying users to assess the relationships between concepts in the Radiation Oncology ontology. The work used a description of a patient's history expressed in XML.The natural language statements relating concepts are available on a website for veri cation, and readers are invited to complete the survey at http://coi-hs-survey.appspot.com/ to contribute.



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