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Othman, S. Hajar. & Beydoun, G. (2012). Evaluating disaster management knowledge model by using a frequency-based selection technique. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 7457 21-27.


Disaster Management (DM) is a multidisciplinary endeavour and a very difficult knowledge domain to model. It is a diffused area of knowledge that is continuously evolving and informally represented. Metamodel is the output artefact of metamodelling, a software engineering approach, which makes statements about what can be expressed in the valid models of the knowledge domain. It is an appropriate high level knowledge structure to facilitate it being communicated among DM stakeholders. A Disaster Management Metamodel (DMM) is developed. To satisfy the expressiveness and the correctness of a DMM, in this paper we present a metamodel evaluation technique by using a Frequency-based Selection. The objective of this technique is to evaluate the importance of the individual concepts used in the DMM, thus, the quality of the metamodel can be measured quantitatively.



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