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Brown, R. B. K. & Piper, A. M. E. (2012). Improved initial class diagrams with ATSA:OO. 21 st International Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD 2012) (pp. 1-12). Spinger.


Despite the popularity of Object Oriented programming and design, their analysis phase is difficult to learn and relies heavily on the analyst's intuition and experience. Even industry practitioners can produce initial class diagrams requiring time-consuming refinements in the design phase. Business clients can find it difficult to follow its diverse techniques and constructs. The A TSA method offers analysis under a single theoretical framework that is specifically designed to be easily understood by both neophyte practitioners and business clients. However as it follows the procedural paradigm, it is not suitable for direct 00 application. This paper presents an adaptation of A TSA for the 00 paradigm, which produces an initial class diagram, complete with suggested attributes and methods. It offers improved cohesion and comprehensibility over its 00 counterpart.



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