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Pereloma, E. V., Timokhina, I. B., Nosenkov, A. I. & Jonas, J. J. 2004, 'Role of Cr and P additions in the development of microstructure and texture in annealed low carbon steels', Metalurgija, vol. 43, no. 3, pp. 149-154.


The recrystallisation behaviour of four warm rolled steels was investigated during annealing. The extra-low carbon (ELC) steel displayed the highest rate of recrystallisation, the steels with additions of chromium and phosphorus (LC(Cr)), (LC(Cr,P)) recrystallised at intermediate rates, while the interstitial-free (IF) steel exhibited the lowest rate. The additions of Cr and Cr/P increased the fraction of g-fibre in the annealing textures compared to that present in the ELC steel; this effect was particularly pronounced up to 50 % recrystallisation. After the completion of recrystallisation, the steel textures were characterized by a dominant g-fibre in the IF steel, while in the three LC steels, the RD fibre was the principal one.