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Bloemen, H. H. J., Chou, C. T., van den Boom, T. J. J., Verdult, V., Verhaegen, M. & Backx, T. C. (2001). Wiener model identification and predictive control for dual composition control of a distillation column. Journal of Process Control, 11 (6), 601-620.


The benefits of using the Wiener model based identification and control methodology presented in this paper, compared to linear techniques, are demonstrated for dual composition control of a moderate-high purity distillation column simulation model. An identification experiment design is presented which enables one to identify both the low and high gain directions of the distillation column, properties which are important for control and hard to identify in a conventional identification experiment setup as is demonstrated in the paper. Data from the proposed experiment design is used for indirect closed-loop identification of both a linear and a Wiener model, which shows the ability of the Wiener model to approximate the nonlinearity of the distillation column much closer than the linear model can. The identified Wiener model is used in a MPC algorithm in which the nonlinearity of the Wiener model is transformed into a polytopic description. In this way a convex optimisation problem is retained while the effect of the nonlinearity on the input-output behaviour of the plant is still taken into account. The performance of the proposed Wiener MPC is compared with linear MPC based on the identified linear models, and with a Wiener MPC in which the nonlinearity of the Wiener model is removed from the control problem via an inversion, a popular way to handle Wiener models in a MPC framework. The simulations demonstrate that the proposed Wiener MPC outperforms the other MPC algorithms.



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