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McFarlane, P. & Fuller, A. (2002). Equity issues in E-education. Journal of Law and Information Science, 12 (1), 87-96.


The potential of the World Wide Web as a medium for course delivery was early recognized, and universities were quick to take advantage of its possibilities for reaching a wider and more diverse student population. As the amount of course content being offered online increases, both to internal and external students, universities are increasingly exposed to the possibility that students may claim they are disadvantaged by either the mode of delivery or, in the case of overseas students, the content itself. In this paper we review the explosion in internet-based delivery of courses and discuss the areas where we believe there has been little consideration given to equity, both in terms of access and presentation of content. Finally we caution providers of Internet-based education that, unless attention is paid to these areas, they may be open to litigation by dissatisfied customers.