What makes for an effective stop-smoking service?



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Brose, L. S., West, R., McDermott, M. S., Fidler, J. A., Croghan, E. & McEwen, A. (2011). What makes for an effective stop-smoking service?. Thorax, 66 (10), 924-926.


The English network of stop-smoking services (SSSs) is among the best-value life-preserving clinical intervention in the UK NHS and is internationally renowned. However, success varies considerably across services, making it important to examine the factors that influence their effectiveness.

Routine clinic data support findings from randomised controlled trials that smokers receiving stop-smoking support from specialist clinics, treatment in groups and varenicline or combination NRT are more likely to succeed than those receiving treatment in primary care, one-to-one and single NRT. All smokers should have access to, and be encouraged to use, the most effective intervention options.

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