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Clements, D. D. A. & Teh, L. H. (2014). Closure to "Active shear planes of bolted connections failing in block shear" by Drew D. A. Clements and Lip H. Teh. Journal of Structural Engineering, 140 (2), 07013002-1-07013002-2.


The writers thank the discusser for the interest in the original paper and for the discussion, which provides the opportunity to clarify and reiterate a few points made in the original paper. The writers agree with the discusser that the behavior of bolted connections is not as simple as they appear to be to the casual observer, which is one reason why many structural collapses have been associated with connection failures. Furthermore, a substantial number of code equations for various ultimate limit states of bolted connections lead to considerable errors on either side of conservatism (Teh and Clements 2012; Teh and Gilbert 2012; Teh and Yazici 2013a).