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S. Elphick, V. Smith, V. Gosbell, G. Drury & S. Perera, "Voltage sag susceptibility of 230 V equipment," IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution, vol. 7, (6) pp. 576-583, 2013.


The ITI curve developed by the Information Technology Industry Council (USA) describes an AC input voltage envelope, which typically can be tolerated by most information technology (IT) equipment supplied by nominal 120 V 60 Hz electricity networks. Although the curve ostensibly applies only to IT equipment supplied at 120 V 60 Hz it is often used throughout the electricity supply industry, including at other nominal voltages and frequencies, without modification or consideration of applicability to provide an indication of the input voltage tolerance of a wide range of equipment. This paper details a preliminary study aimed at developing an ITI style curve to suit 230 V 50 Hz electricity networks. A range of domestic and industrial equipment has been tested to determine voltage sag susceptibility. Overall, results for domestic appliances show that equipment connected to the Australian 230 V 50 Hz electricity network has voltage sag immunity considerably better than that defined by the ITI curve. The same may be said for the majority of industrial equipment tested. As such, the suitability of the ITI curve in describing a sag immunity envelope for individual pieces of equipment connected to 230 V 50 Hz electricity networks is highly questionable. ©The Institution of Engineering and Technology 2013.



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