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Haq, A. J., Munroe, P. R., Hoffman, M., Martin, P. J. & Bendavid, A. 2008, 'Berkovich indentation of diamondlike carbon coatings on silicon substrates', Journal of Materials Research, vol. 23, no. 7, pp. 1862-1869.


The deformation behavior of diamondlike carbon (DLC) coatings on silicon substrates induced by Berkovich indentation has been investigated. DLC coatings deposited by a plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition technique were subjected to nanoindentation with a Berkovich indenter over a range of maximum loads from 100 to 300 mN. Distinct pop-ins were observed for loads greater than 150 mN. However, no pop-out was observed for the loads studied. The top surface of the indents showed annular cracks with associated fragmented material. The cross sections showed up to 20% localized reduction in thickness of the DLC coating beneath the indenter tip. Cracking, {111} slip, stacking faults, and localized phase transformations were observed in the silicon substrate. The discontinuities in the load-displacement curves at low loads are attributed to plastic deformation of the silicon substrate, whereas at higher loads they are attributed to plastic deformation as well as phase transformation.



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