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G. Konstantinou, S. R. Pulikanti, M. Ciobotaru, V. G. Agelidis & K. Muttaqi, "The seven-level flying capacitor based ANPC converter for grid intergration of utility-scale PV systems," in Proceedings - 2012 3rd IEEE International Symposium on Power Electronics for Distributed Generation Systems, PEDG 2012, 2012, pp. 592-597.


The installed capacity of grid connected PV plants has increased significantly over the past few years and is expected to continue its growth over the next decade due to the continuous demand for renewable energy and distributed generation systems. This paper presents a seven-level flying capacitor (FC) based active neutral point clamped (ANPC) converter for the connection of utility-scale PV system to the electricity grid. The multilevel voltage output of the topology provides high quality waveforms while maintaining the operational characteristics of NPC based converters for PV systems. The converter topology together with a method to regulate the FC voltages to their reference values and an optimal third harmonic injection for utilization of the DC-link voltage are presented. Simulation results for the operation of the grid connected converter under steady state and transient operation are provided in order to demonstrate the operation and performance of the topology in grid connected applications. © 2012 IEEE.



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