Study on creep characteristics of oil film bearing babbitt



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Wang, J. M., Xue, Y. W., Li, W., Wei, A. Z. & Cao, Y. F. (2014). Study on creep characteristics of oil film bearing babbitt. Materials Research Innovations, 18 (s2), 16-21.


According to the creep deformation of oil film bearing Babbitt in operation process, the creep test method of Babbitt was put forward, the factors about influencing the results of creep test were analysed, and the creep test research of Babbitt was carried out. The test data were processed, and the creep characteristics of SnSb11Cu6 and SnSb8Cu4 were acquired based on Graham creep equation and the wheat quarts method and global optimisation algorithm. The relationship between creep coefficients and stress has been obtained, and a group of creep curves under different stress has been speculated through calculating stress related indexes. At the same time, the accuracy and reliability of creep deformation of Babbitt were verified through finite element numerical simulation on the test specimens based on ANSYS. Then the creep characteristics of Babbitt of oil film bearing were carried out by finite element numerical simulation.

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