Augmenting complex problem solving with hybrid compute units



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Truong, H., Dam, H., Ghose, A. & Dustdar, S. (2014). Augmenting complex problem solving with hybrid compute units. Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Service-Oriented Computing, 8377 95-110.


Combining software-based and human-based services is crucial for several complex problems that cannot be solved using software-based services alone. In this paper, we present novel methods for modeling and developing hybrid compute units of software-based and human-based services. We discuss high-level programming elements for different types of software- and humanbased service units and their relationships. In particular, we focus on novel programming elements reflecting hybridity, collectiveness and adaptiveness properties, such as elasticity and social connection dependencies, and on-demand and pay-per-use economic properties, such as cost, quality and benefits, for complex problem solving. Based on these programming elements, we present programming constructs and patterns for building complex applications using hybrid services.

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