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H. Loo, S. Soh & K. Chin, "On improving capacity and delay in multi Tx/Rx wireless mesh networks with weighted links," in 19th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications (APCC), 2013, pp. 12-17.


This paper considers the problem of deriving a link schedule for Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)-based concurrent transmit/receive Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) that results in low end-to-end delays as well as high network capacity. We first propose a MAX-CUT heuristic approach, called Algo-2, that maximizes link activations in each slot of a super-frame. Algo-2 is shown to produce better network capacity as compared to existing heuristic approaches and significantly improves the super-frame length of an existing MAX-CUT approach that enforces 2-phase transmit-receive restriction - a node that transmits (receives) in slot i ≥ 1 is to become a receiver (transmitter) in slot i + 1. Then, we propose a heuristic solution, called BDA, as a complement to existing schedulers to reduce transmission delays. Since BDA only reorders slots in the superframe, it maintains each original schedule's super-frame length, and hence capacity, while reducing delays by up to 70% in 6-node random topology networks.



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