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J. Aghaei, M. Karami, K. M. Muttaqi, H. A. Shayanfar & A. Ahmadi, "MIP-based stochastic security-constrained daily hydrothermal generation scheduling," IEEE Systems Journal, vol. 9, (2) pp. 615-628, 2015.


This paper presents the application of a mixedinteger programming (MIP) approach for solving stochastic security-constrained daily hydrothermal generation scheduling (SCDHGS). Power system uncertainties including generating units and branch contingencies and load uncertainty are explicitly considered in the stochastic programming of SCDHGS. The roulette wheel mechanism and lattice Monte Carlo simulation (LMCS) are first employed for random scenario generation wherein the stochastic SCDHGS procedure is converted into its respective deterministic equivalents (scenarios). Then, the generating units are scheduled through MIP over the set of deterministic scenarios for the purpose of minimizing the cost of supplying energy and ancillary services over the optimization horizon (24 h) while satisfying all the operating and network security constraints. To amore realistic modeling of the DHGS problem, in the proposed MIP formulation, the nonlinear valve loading effect, cost, and emission function are modeled in linear form, and prohibited operating zones (POZs) of thermal units are considered. Furthermore, a dynamic ramp rate of thermal units is used, and for the hydro plants, the multiperformance curve with spillage and time delay between reservoirs is considered. To assess the efficiency and powerful performance of the aforementioned method, a typical case study based on the standard IEEE-118 bus system is investigated, and the results are compared to each other in different test systems.



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